So Instagram…

For a while I wasn’t using my Instagram for “business” or my aromatherapy, because I wasn’t sure I needed it. I know, I know, I’m late to the party considering so many people have successful brands on there etc. But I just wasn’t convinced I needed it.

Then when I took more time to think about it, it’s more popular with people than FB these days and personally, I prefer visual images hands down. I enjoy it.

So I decided to take a 5 day Insta challenge with Danny & Liz from the VIP Life and had my eyes opened how to run it efficiently. In just a few days I made small tweaks to what I had already, perked it up, followed their lead and the response has been amazing! So bloody simple when you know what to do…. or are shown clearly how to from someone who’s done it before and researched it for you!

Dan & Liz are running an Instagram Mastermind to show you more in depth training and I seriously recommend any small business jumping on board. Their knowledge of the platform is exceptional, from their own experiences and all the tips they give have each made a massive difference.
Even adapting a tiny element like what # I use made an immediate difference. Pretty impressive.

Not only does it look prettier (yes I want nature / plants on my wall, it has benefits linked to my products!) but I am so much clearer on what content I am putting out there and focusing on who I’m reaching out to.

Now for getting on with the rest of my content, website and all the other things I have in my head.

PS would love to hear your feedback…. 🙏 or questions.

Have a good day!

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