My name is Karena, I help Mums feel good using natural products so they can live toxin free lifestyles.

I’m a mum myself to two lovely and crazy girls, we live by the seaside and we have a cat named Albus. With regular workshops, webinars and events on how to use toxin free products safely for all the family, for emotional and physical well being, in yoga and meditation, I help families all over the UK feel in control of their life path.

My holistic journey was the start of a transformation from a busy and stressed out mama to a more balanced, mindful, earth connected person and more aware mother to my two girls. I’ve been practicing yoga & meditation since 2010 and since been on a spiritual path of discovery. Most of the time I’m growing & learning- let’s be real, there’s always space for improvement and I’m human, I slip up from time to time like anyone! But I now have several tools to help me balance out, cope & succeed in day to day life, and this is what I share to help others.

Along with my passion for Aromatherapy my studies have prompted research into toxin free products, toxin free lifestyle and eco living. Noticing the scale of waste in our modern lives and knowing I can make a difference has become bigger and more in the forefront of my mind!
I’ve studied Interior Architecture at uni and always kept a sideline interest in houses, efficient low impact housing, recycled and upcycled creative projects, history, antiques and vintage being incorporated into modern life and design that goes beyond the basics. In my living room you’ll find books on all these subjects as I believe you’re never too old to learn something new! And I love books, they’re slightly magical…..

I’m a Certified Aromatherapist, currently a student of French Aromatherapy and special interest in Clinical Aromatherapy. I’m also Certified in the AromaTouch Technique and have wellness teams based in the UK & Europe.

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