About me

I’m a mum to two beautiful girls, we live by the sea with my husband and our two cats named Albus & Griffin. I’m a massage therapist and aromatherapist. I run workshops, online and in person events, on how to use essential oils and toxin free products safely for all the family.

For both emotional and physical well being, in yoga and meditation, I help people feel more in control of daily life.

My holistic journey

My holistic journey was the start of a transformation from a busy and stressed out mama to a more balanced, mindful, connected and aware mother to my two girls. I’ve been practicing yoga & meditation since 2011 and since been on a spiritual path of discovery. I’m growing & learning- and let’s be real, there’s always space for improvement and I’m human, I slip up just like anyone. I now have several tools to help me balance out, cope & succeed in day to day life, and this is what I share to help others.

Along with my passion for French Aromatherapy my studies have prompted research into toxin free products, toxin free lifestyle and eco living. Noticing the scale of waste in our modern lives and knowing I can make a difference has become bigger and more in the forefront of my mind!

However this description doesn’t really tell you about me…

Before motherhood I was quite a different person.


I grew up in a religious family- rather than seeing negatives I see tolerance and positives from my experiences. I was extremely shy as a child, painfully shy. If you’d told me I’d be doing talks to hundreds of people now about benefits of using essential oils I would never have believed it! I would have felt physically sick at the thought. I felt overwhelmed by emotions, tearful and was frequently told I was “too sensitive”.

I was a bit rebellious in my teens, sneaking off to London with friends, seeing bands, films and somehow escaping major trouble. I was like a spring that had been coiled for a long time…it’s been a journey.

Party days

I studied Interior Architecture at uni and always kept a sideline interest in houses, efficient low impact housing, recycled and upcycled creative projects, history, antiques and vintage being incorporated into modern life and design that goes beyond the basics. In my living room you’ll find books on all these subjects as I believe you’re never too old to learn something new! And I love books, they’re slightly magical….. However this is avoiding my truth.

At Uni I was wild. I drank like a fish because it gave me false confidence. I had boyfriends I treated badly, I was at every party I could get to. I partied hard, burnt the candle at both ends working and drinking wine or spirits into the early hours with friends. Escapism at it’s best… After my brother died while I was in uni, I lived from one day to the next and didn’t make long term plans. I was numb and that was fine by me, I didn’t want to think deep about anything.

London calling

I moved to London and was lucky I had awesome friends who let me couch surf for a couple of years while I worked in Camden Stables market. I worked in nightclubs on the door for extra cash and spent my hard earned cash fast. I ended up working in 4 jobs per week, retail and whatever other jobs came along, film extra work & agency office work. There’s only so long you can sustain a 20 hour party lifestyle and it takes it’s toll.

When I truly had enough of London & my relationship with my boyfriend had crumbled, I needed a big change and bought a one-way ticket to Berlin – to paint and find myself. To be alone & survive on my own, incredibly refreshing & what I needed. I challenged myself and started to come home to myself. I have fond memories of Berlin, I felt renewed.

While I was there my father died after 3 years living in a nursing home & a 10 year battle with dementia. I was compelled to come home after just 6 months, I realised I had been running away from myself, my responsibilities, pretty much from everything.


I was definitely different when I came back, I wanted something different in life & had a new perspective. I’d been back only a short while & met my husband via a friend of mine in London and fell in love. It was so easy, simple & steady, nothing like any of my previous relationships with artists and musicians. I decided to stay in the UK, got a job in luxury fashion recruitment and found out after just 6 months I was expecting my daughter Oona.

That was a massive change, in lifestyle & habits! I stopped smoking overnight, stopped drinking and wanted to be the best mum she could ever have… My identity changed in an instant and I had to find myself all over again.

I became a receptionist, then a PA landing a dream job thanks to my lovely neighbours, to a HNW entrepeneur and his family. I suffered with intense head tension and struggled with managing stress, debts, and the daily school run. I barely had time for my precious little girl and a new one on the way when my boss and his wife decided to move house so things were about to change again. I had my baby girl Bowie and started a receptionist job at the local osteopaths.

Cue 2017… a year of change.

Frazzled mum

I eyed up Neals Yard because it looked a respectable sideline job, good quality and it seemed like flexible working but was slightly dismayed they’re labelled organic yet not 100% pure. The start up seemed okay but I wasn’t sure I could do it. A mum at school heard me mentioning my baby had an unexplained rash Dr’s were baffled over and not very helpful with and she suggested using essential oils and I basically said no thanks to the hippy oils because I just didn’t think they would work.

After 6 months of seeing 7 different GP’s and 1 dermatologist, my little one still had an awful ugly rash on her legs. Doctors said don’t worry about it but it looked angry and red. The dermatologist told me we should not be using long term any of the creams we had been prescribed in bulk- due to a connection with renal failure!! I was shocked and angry so started looking at toxin free products. There I discovered a minefield and hundred of baby items and household products are not actually safe or pure for anyone to use!

Magic oils

I found Emily at school and said okay I give in, let me try some of these oils and she gave me 2 tiny samples of Wild Orange & Peppermint the next morning. That evening I logged online to see what the fuss about these oils were and during that class tried 1 drop of each, in my hands, rubbed together and inhaled…

In one split second it was like an explosion in my head.

The tension I’d had behind my eye, released and disappeared. Instantly. I was in shock. I couldn’t believe I’d had pain for 3 days straight. In 2 seconds these little oils had changed my life. I was needed them – and I wanted to know why and HOW did I not know about these before?! I was delighted and surprised, I just kept thinking I have to tell people about this!!! The next week I said to Emily I just had to do this as a job, and the rest as you say is history.

Life now

My baby’s rash disappeared completely within 2 weeks of using a combination of essential oils. It was incredible, and to this date I do not suffer with the discomfort issues I had before. I have control over stresses and wellbeing so much more! Life changing 💯.

I’m now a certified doTERRA Essential Oil Specialist, an internationally accredited certified Emotional Aromatherapy Advisor, certified in AromaTouch Technique & practicing Aromatherapist. I’m a continuing student of French Aromatherapy and have interest in Clinical Aromatherapy. I’m now qualified as a massage therapist and do meditation every day.

I run wellness education classes, workshops and events. I’m always expanding my qualifications & learning new skills and getting certifications under my belt. I realise my strengths, weaknesses and work with both.

One of my favourite things is collaboration with other specialists- yoga teachers, holistic therapists, baby massage teachers, beauticians, teachers, mums and people from many practices.

I love this process and will keep on expanding, if you’re looking to collaborate please get in touch!

I honestly love my job and expanding my incredible team continues! If you’re passionate about helping others learn about natural solutions, want a sideline to your income & are pro-active in working from home, use the Work with me button below 👇 and we can chat about your options.

There’s online trainings, and live training days are resuming. You can decide how much time you want to commit:

5 hours a week, 15 hours a week or 30 hours a week. We have systems now in place to support you & your customers. This work brings hope & relief to people, while the business is inspiring- it is what YOU want it to be.

If you’d like to chat about it just pop me a message for a discovery call.