AromaTherapy consultations, beautiful aromatic treatments..

AromaTherapy Treatments

Treatments available at The Wellbeing Studio Bexhill-on-Sea and at Light Folk in Rye

Emotional AromaTherapy Coaching

1:1 confidential sessions working with you to identify ways to move forward, supporting you, changing dynamics in your life & regaining control of your life.

Utilising gentle yet powerful essential oils to rebalance emotional issues, learn to release emotional burdens and feel renewed.

  • Bespoke oil samples included for each session.
  • Minimum 6 sessions recommended, 2 to 4 weeks apart.
  • Intro sessions require 1.5 hour consultation & medical history.
  • Includes weekly support calls if needed.

Available in person at Light Folk Rye, East Sussex, at The Wellbeing Studio, Bexhill on sea, East Sussex.

Also available online via zoom.

EAA Package 1£450
EAA Package 2 incl oils kit£560

Swedish Body Massage

A whole body therapeutic massage with many amazing benefits, take a well earned break to reduce stress & ease tension.

This 1 hour massage includes front and back of body massage, using several different techniques to completely relax you and reduce tensions in the muscles.

Treatment tailored to the individual, pressure adjusted to make you feel most comfortable & supporting your entire body from top to toe.

Swedish Body Massage£55

AromaTouch Treatment

The AromaTouch Technique is a featherlight clinical sequence of the essential oils applied along the spine and soles of the feet. Improves well-being by reducing physical and emotional stressors, supporting healthy autonomic function and balancing energy.

You will feel lighter and reconnected to your own energy, a beautiful experience to allow yourself to pause from busy modern life.

You may wish to arrive in clothing that can be easily removed before laying on the treatment couch to allow treatment along the spine. You’ll be provided with fresh towels and blankets to use to keep you warm and comfortable throughout.

AromaTouch Treatment£65

Back Neck & Shoulder Massage

Basic holistic massage to focus on the back, neck & shoulders.

This 30 minute massage will use several different techniques to release muscle tension tailored to the individuals needs.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage £35

AromaTherapy Consultation

Aromatherapy consultations will help you safely learn about essential oils, and feel equipped to get the best out of your essential oils once they arrive.

In person or online, I help you select the oils you individually are suited to or need, and supply them if you’re looking to order some from a reliable source.

I help you gain confidence and provide resources so you’re never left wondering how to use your essential oils. For you or your family of any age, I can support your journey with essential oils into holistic ways of living.

Intro Session 1 hr£60
Follow up 30mins£35

Karena is a wealth of knowledge, support and inspiration. She is my ‘go to’ for all things doTERRA oils and an amazing, beautiful soul. I highly recommend

— Tara

Karena knows so much about the oils. She is great at tuning in to what you need and helping you find what’s best for you.

— Kerry

Bespoke Workshops

Hosting workshops are a fun event to share with a group of people or friends. Share self care tips and hand made products, infused with beautiful pure quality essential oils.

All natural ingredients, ethical products and bespoke service.

  • Choose your wellbeing topic
  • Invite 5-10 people
  • We bring everything you need and do the rest for you
  • 1.5 hours duration minimum
  • Minimum 5 guests
  • Tailor made events, unique to you.
  • Contact to discuss requirements
Workshop of 5from £150
Workshop of 10from £250