Work With Me

Collaborate & connect for health & wellness events or workshops.

If you’re a specialist with qualifications looking to expand additional income revenues alongside your existing business, OR someone wanting to change direction and start something new, then this is for you.


We are continually looking to collaborate with people who have an interest in health & wellness to join our doTERRA team and studio team, or with wellness events.

From supporting women in business around the UK, yoga teachers, massage & holistic specialists, mums who want to make a difference, to those who want to focus on natural wellbeing and non toxic living, we’re delighted to consider working with you.

It could be one off events to expand your customer base or long term collaborations, we would love to hear from you.

How It Works

Full online training is provided for working with essential oils. It will be up to you to decide how many hours you can put in, watch the videos, attend live trainings, invest in following the system and present in your chosen way.

Whether online or in person, or alongside your existing business, working with essential oils can be incredibly rewarding in so many ways.

Alternatively if you’re already a business owner, we can make arrangements to collaborate online or in person for workshops or events to support your clientelle.

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The Wellbeing Studio,
Upper Sea Road,
Bexhill On Sea, East Sussex