The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Be truthful, gentle and fearless. — Gandhi


Recently in our home we’ve been making efforts to reduce our plastic waste and decided on a plastic free Christmas, eco gifts where possible and we’re attempting to teach our kiddies that just because they may look good….. this plastic will be around for hundreds of years, even when we aren’t…..

It’s hard at first though isn’t it?! I mean my girls are currently age four and almost nine, and they’ll give you a hundred reasons why they neeeed that LOL doll….. (which they’re not going to get! Harsh but true) I guess it’s at a time when I’m plant focusing in our diet and trying to gently educate them that eating meat product is not a good thing…. or milk…. so maybe it’s all at once a bit too much.

Not surprisingly, I’m finding when we sit down and create something together they really don’t mind so much. It’s a balance of giving a FUN alternative, and dare I say the obvious, time together creating something. Don’t take something away without reasoning why and offering something to replace it. We like art projects so we will be hand crafting gifts and decorations next to the existing ones we have.

four pine cones on top of brown wooden surface
Photo by Jessica Lewis on

I struggled with anxious feelings since I was a young child and the awareness that I now have with yoga and practicing mindfulness has, in the last 2 years especially with using specific essential oils, helped reduce that drastically but also awakened the acknowledgement of balancing EVERYTHING. Myself, my family, health, connection with the earth, our animals and environment.

It comes down to a legacy that we will be leaving our kids! Earth has suffered, is suffering, and when our children are grown up it’s going to look like a drastically different world. I feel responsible that they must learn NOW that we have such an impact on our environment, even our very vibration. Choosing kindness…… raising our vibration for the earth, animals and people.

Small steps to begin with: Conscious buying, reducing our waste….. avoiding chemicals in food that shouldn’t be there! We now have a Riverford Organic food box delivery and it tastes way better than some shop bought things and it’s not washed in chemicals!

This is also why I love my workshops and classes, empowering mums, dads and families to realise we can make really SIMPLE positive steps- which are in fact FUN and good for your health too!

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