Finding New Energy

I don’t know about you but I’ve been feeling slightly overwhelmed with Christmas, not Christmas itself but the feeling of cramming it all in before the children break up from school….. to keep on top of working from home and my orders, new customers who I want to help and keep motivated plus decorating….!

I did it to myself of course. It was my daughters 9th birthday last week and as a special treat I took her to Paris to see an art exhibition, Klimt at the Atelier des Lumieres, which just looked like a once in a lifetime experience for her now she’s old enough to remember it….. It did not disappoint- I highly recommend you visit before it finishes in mid Jan 2019!

Being a recovering perfectionist I had nervous excitement about this trip…… I think I haven’t been to Paris since I was eighteen (I’m now 37!). It was a stunning exhibition, totally immersive, beautiful projected images on the walls and floors, accompanied by classical music…. It felt like the inside of my own rusty creative brain was being projected on the outside, swimming with delicious colourful familiar yet reinvented paintings growing up from the floor. The other people around you disappear into the moving lights and it’s like a dreamscape of wonder, breathtaking and you could easily spend hours in there…..

So yesterday as I found myself worn out, digesting it all and exhausted from not only the weekend but my own thinking, I eventually turned to Lemongrass essential oil. doTERRA’s Lemongrass is grown in Southern India- a key element of why doTERRA’s oil is such great quality is that they grow all the plants where they thrive and are naturally healthy, harvested by hand, using local farmers. I found myself talking to friends about Lemongrass in the last couple of days and realised there was a clear sign – my higher self asked so why haven’t you taken your own advice and used it to cleanse your own energy?! Lemongrass incredibly versatile aside from cooking- you can use it in a diffuser, just a few drops as it’s powerful, to cleanse energy from a house or room, it helps you to flow freely moving on from despair or darkness, to be more positive and find spiritual clarity. Hence writing today- It works! I mean how cool is it to have an essential oil that can do all that in a matter of minutes….. Make up a room spray, dilute it and use it in a massage blend, add a couple drops to a diffuser and let yourself feel release.

So now I’m getting back to Christmas preparations.

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