Emotional Balance in a Pandemic

Christmas has been and gone… Today we get the news that schools in our area are closed for another 2 weeks. Deep breaths for all parents!! Especially ones working from home the thought of homeschool AGAIN is a bit hard to swallow. After the initial heart sinking feeling, realistically I really do want my girlsContinue reading “Emotional Balance in a Pandemic”

2020 Christmas Survival

Who’d have thought that this year Christmas would be as it is… No one could have known the plans put in place would suddenly be scrapped due to a pandemic. But there it is and people are sorely disappointed, understandably so! Frustration, sadness, loneliness are just a couple of things we’re digesting this Christmas, letContinue reading “2020 Christmas Survival”

Wellbeing at the Whitehouse

Last Thursday I joined MJ from Core Pilates With MJ in a Pop Up event: Wellbeing at the Whitehouse in Rye, a mindful movement workshop, including essential oils and delicious food from Rosie and….. the odd cocktail! Such a beautiful venue! Along with us Katie McNee from Katie Can Yoga, plus my lovely friend JessContinue reading “Wellbeing at the Whitehouse”