School Plays, a Touch of Nostalgia & an Appetite For Organic Chemistry

Fourteen days into December 2018- how did that happen!?!
This time of year is always busy as a parent but working at the same time gives it a slightly whirling and dizzy edge! The tree is up, the cat’s delighted & slightly fiendish with it, presents…… still working on that…. (next year I am going to nail the organisation!) A few years ago my working life as a PA was my entire focus, I loved it and thrived off the daily challenges, daily routine changes and the crazy pace of arranging Christmas in October, wrapping my bosses gifts and sorting out what was to be mailed where in the world, what suitcases needed to go to which country…. Yes it was stress but other peoples stress and it was their entire reality so I had to channel their priorities. I actually miss it in retrospect….. my own family are much harder to organise!

On that note of family, my youngest daughter Bowie had her first school play Tuesday and she was the Nativity donkey. She was so cute, the proudest rocking donkey you ever saw…. she’s not shy this one! She knew all the songs and danced the whole way through. Clearly destined for the stage- she won the Star Worker of the week certificate for such an enthusiastic donkey! Hilarious, so many people congratulated her on her performance & is so proud of herself (proud mum too obvs).

Workshops completed so far this week- Handmade Christmas gifts, essential oil infused bath salts, scrubs and blends- we have such a great time seeing what people are drawn to, our own sense of smell is so incredibly unique to each person and you never know what people will like in a class. Your memories are linked to smell and stored in the limbic part of the brain, I love teaching about this because it’s actual science facts that we kind of take for granted sometimes.

What’s sometimes really cool is that kids are naturally more open to their intuition in choosing oils. Quite often children will select an essential oil that their body actually needs, say a sniffly or scratchy nose and the child chooses Lavender (Lavender Augustifolia- many varieties but let’s be specific here) which is naturally soothing, calming, renowned for soothing occasional skin irritations, and loads more. It’s literally no coincidence while some adults are cynical that an essential oil can make any difference initially until they have their own light bulb moment of relief.

Lets talk about that a little. Pharmaceutical drugs mimic the plant chemical components for a specific, chosen pathology and reaction. Plants are way more intelligent than this so many times you use an essential oil compound or blend and it has numerous side benefits rather than unwanted side effects. To be clear, I am in no way anti doctors or anti medicine, there is definitely a place and need for medical treatment to be available to everyone, I believe in the UK’s NHS for all (fight to keep it going guys, don’t give up!).

However I love the fact I have studied and have understanding of the multiple diverse positive effects that essential oils can create in supporting the body before you get to that, and supporting the body through medical treatment. Its natural magic, it’s been around for thousands of years. Natural essential oil components are so complex and that energy, untainted natural energy, can be harnessed and used by our amazing bodies in a symphony of elemental and energetic balance.

I will continue studying for a long time, there’s so much to look at in Aromatherapy and it all sits so well next to holistic re-balancing of the whole individual, like TCM, acupuncture or osteopathy. When you use essential oils you have the ability to re-balance emotions as well as body systems. We want to look at balance of mind, body and spirit to be healthy.


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