Emotional Balance in a Pandemic

Christmas has been and gone… Today we get the news that schools in our area are closed for another 2 weeks. Deep breaths for all parents!! Especially ones working from home the thought of homeschool AGAIN is a bit hard to swallow.

After the initial heart sinking feeling, realistically I really do want my girls to be home and safe rather than in the huge school they attend. It’s a huge school and while it means juggling several more tasks for 2 year groups, I’m telling myself we are still bloody fortunate I have flexible work hours.

Gratitude has been key to keeping sane through 2020, and that’s a good place to start 2021 from. So whats the plan…?? First of all I intend to take it SLOW.

We live at such a ridiclous rate, I feel we’re fed into a society that prefers us as controllable consumers so we often neglect simple but important matters- like wellbeing & nourishment for a good immune system! School sets you up with barely practical life skills and I firmly believe my 6 year old needs imaginative play more than grammer & maths. Being bored is a good thing for creativity… & that’s the angle I’m sticking to!

As for my eldest who’s 11, while she loves school her creative talents are not encouraged enough to give her confidence so we will continue with imagination/creative focus for both. No parent should be putting pressure on their own teaching abilities but we can play to our own preferences with a bit of basic school App work on the side to keep up.

We’re going to focus on building ourselves up, our immune systems with good food & attempt home cooking, daily fresh air & exercise, positivity & gratitude practice, using our favourite essential oil smells to help us manage emotions.

One homeschool subject they loved last lockdown around March time, was our Happiness class. We brainstormed what makes us happy, why sad & angry feelings are not bad but valid. They made pictures of their favourite things that make them happy. We did yoga to make our bodies feel good and to be kind to ourselves. We made a jam jar with good things written on scraps of paper that happened to remind us of good things when we need it. We listed what essential oils make us feel happier, what ones wake us up and what ones help support our digestion.

Aside from trying to not get overwhelmed… I know it’s not easy with confusing and vague government guidelines. I try NOT to read the news every day because it fuels any anxiety. What we can do for ourselves, is bring it back to our actions to help others stay well and for us to keep strong.

Let’s talk about PREVENTION being better than cure for wellbeing. No-one else seems to focus on it but it’s a HUGE part of what I work with.

I take my doTERRA Lifelong Vitality vitamins because I know they help support all the foundation of our body mechanisms- I feel good when I take them & have more energy (when I stopped I really noticed a huge difference!). I also use On Guard softgels which have an incredible blend of oils to keep me positive and boost my immune system functions. Protective emotionally & physically, I’ll take 2 of those per day but if I’m feeling a bit under the weather or low, I’ll double that and take 4 softgels.

  • Wear a mask inside public spaces to help stop vulnerable from getting sick.
  • Wash your hands, follow general guidelines for the greater good.. obvs really.
  • Edit your newsfeed, don’t dwell or overdramatise the news. Media sources are PAID to get a response from you!
  • Eat & feed your body to be its best. Try to get organic when possible, it has better nutrients.
  • Keep moving, exercise & get fresh air.
  • Supplement with food grade, pure essential oils and nutrients- and keep it up… Taking a multivitamin once isn’t sustaining your body, every day we need to treat our bodies with respect & top up with best we can.
  • Reduce toxins… I’ll write another post on that one but it is very important!
  • If there was one oil to recommend to start with I’d say choose Lemon, it has so many amazing benefits but immediately it’ll lift your spirits by smelling it and will help keep your energy flowing.

Happy New Year folks, stay safe & stay strong. With love. x

If I can help you learn about finding or regaining your emotional balance supported with using natural methods & essential oils, then send me a message in the form below 👇 or request to join my Facebook customer support group 👉 here. Either way I’m here to listen, and to support you.

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