Living With Grief

I often refer to essential oils for perking us up, lifting our mood & helping us manage difficult emotions. But that’s too simply put.

Traditionally in the UK we have the “stiff upper lip” phrase, culturally the English are not so open in talking about ways to cope with grief or true difficult emotions, or even showing sadness very much.

Utilizing essential oils can significantly help us cope with grief.

I’m reflecting from my own experiences. I lost my brother to cancer in 2000 when I was 19 and he was just 34. Later in 2008 my father passed away after battling dementia for many years. At the time I held a lot of anger & regret in my body & simply didn’t express my grief how I really felt it.

I drank alcohol to numb my reality, I worked in many jobs to keep myself busy and to avoid thinking about it. I made sure I had a “good time”… at least on the surface. I suffered depression in my early 20’s, I was reckless and empty in denial really up until I met my husband and had my daughters.

Grief doesn’t just disappear because it’s the energy of love that lives on within us, but it does alter & change form. It comes in waves & we can draw valuable lessons of living fully from it and one day we can eventually reflect on it.

Grief isn’t just experienced with the loss of a loved one either… It can be a loss of a job, divorce, miscarriage, trauma or loss of stability. I found essential oils have allowed me to release many tensions I carried with me for years, and I can more openly speak about & internally manage my deep emotions around grief.

Essential oils carry an incredible energy. They contain wisdom of the earth and vibration of nature which gently allow us to process, grow and move forward. I didn’t expect them to help me so much, but I’ve been amazed how effective they are time and time again. I’ve now studied and learnt about aromatherapy specifically to help with this process.

I’ve shared with you in my Facebook group some of the essential oils that can helped me accept what’s happened, process trauma and find my balance again.

If you’re interested in 1:1 emotional aromatherapy help, I’m an emotional aromatherapy advisor. There are so many essential oils that can support you in simple and effective ways. Just pop me a message if you’d like more details.

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