“Long post alert – Trigger warning”

Everyone’s been talking about January resolutions and people struggling to get back into routines. I’ve never really taken new year resolutions that seriously to be honest.

When people talk about detox after overindulging in Christmas dinner and drinking too much alcohol, I generally think it’s better to cleanse & refresh in Spring. I feel like we have a rather huge hint from nature saying fresh growth in tune with seasons, more sunlight, that healthier more positive thought processes happen with more chances of success.

I had an unexpected prompt for reflection on Facebook when an old photo from 11 years ago pop up in my Memories. Without thinking much about it I wrote a post on where I had been, mentally and physically then, to where I’ve come to now. It was without any planning I shared it and I had an incredible amount of positive responses to it.

Here’s the image & an excerpt of what I’d written:

“Long post alert 🚨 Trigger warning ⚠️ Flashback to me in 2007…
Drunk at a party, 6 kg heavier- initially you wouldn’t know anything was up….

Experiencing regular blackouts when drinking & assumed that was not unusual, showing a false exterior of being in control, not giving a sh*t about consequences seriously didn’t consider long-term health issues and living from week to week, job to job and not having a long term focus in life.

I managed to hide my earlier depression for several years after my brother died and imagined I had kind of resolved that but hadn’t changed my lifestyle so I went back the easier option of masking feelings, stifling sadness and using alcohol to make me feel better & consciously choosing it as a crutch. Depression is a reality we often don’t want to openly admit to or speak about but now I can and am not afraid to.”

Emotions are easily concealed, we can convince ourselves it’s ok as it is. Stagnating in destructive patterns can seem like the only option but in fact, we make our reality. Our vibration we can opt to raise and change and what’s interesting is that when we listen to our intuition we know that we can adapt, life is fluid as are we.

I don’t regret my journey but self-development and kids that force me to be present have dramatically changed my thinking. My spiritual development and my work now is so rewarding, who knew that these challenges would be valuable learning experiences and understanding which can help others.

It’s a great privilege to share something that lifts people into awareness, can give you hope and validate those deep emotions. My meditation practice has become a treasured significant part of my day and now I’m teaching my children how to recognise feelings and choose oils to support all of their emotions.”


I had such a huge and positive response, I’ve been blown away. This is a person who was painfully shy as a child, I remember avoiding eye contact when young so people didn’t speak to me. I was scared of judgement and vulnerable despite a tough rebel exterior.
Years later I’m offering up painful experiences with total honesty, sharing how this is an incredible transformational journey and connecting with people through experiences I once couldn’t mention without pain, fear, hesitation or doubt.

The people I’m connecting and working with now are the right people, they are the rainbow folk. Seriously, it is one crazy journey but it’s mine. I’ll take it without self judgement, and I’ll take that higher vibration, meditation, gratitude and healthy reflection. Together we are each in our own right going to make this one hell of a great year of personal and spiritual development, business development, collective development and in doing that we will raise the vibration of this planet.

We have a planet that needs all the good vibrations we can get…….

Let’s get to work.


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