Early Spring…. apparently

This time last year it was freezing…… actual snow and ice. Yet Monday morning I had a yoga class, outside in beautiful sunshine! I actually had to take my cardi off to keep cool and went slightly pink as I’m pale skinned! Who knew we needed sunscreen in February in the UK.

It’s not quite right though is it? Clearly the seasons being quite so altered is a signpost that really we should be taking notice of! Newspapers report record breaking temperatures but regards this being a not so positive eco note….. nothing changes…. No red alert, no sudden cry of Quick- petrol cars must be stopped, the damage has been so great, our planet has spoken.

I’m curious what it takes….. Lightening killing off Donald Trump? Earthquakes that swallow Big Ben and politicians….. Maybe divine intervention will happen or is it the irony that the universe will find ways to destroy those creating irreversible damage. I saw a post on a new fungus developed to eat plastic…. though talk about taking a tangent to avoid the actual production of something that lasts 250-500 years and releases toxins in the process….

I like to read articles on positive stuff but burying your head in the sand is not exactly what I’m talking about…..
In the meantime, I’m sharing on FB stuff on teaching my children positive things- i.e. avoiding YouTube because weirdo scary shit pops up on there, at least I can say I’ve controlled something! Anyone else trying to keep positive with their family?!

I notice even the veg delivery box (Riverford) newsletter has a touch of sarcasm about how depressing Brexit is for the UK economy each week.

Right now I’m going to go right off now to take several deep breaths of 2 oils- Wild Orange & Peppermint in case you wanted to know, 1 drop of each in the palms of my hands & rubbed together- which will help me open my airways to release some tension in my neck/chest. Nothing like taking a moment to pause, decide to reset my thinking & start afresh, without negativity creeping in. I like to do this several times when my own thinking takes a downwards spiral.

Then I’ll eat salad for lunch, consciously avoiding meat because the farming of that is damaging the environment & no one wants to talk about that either.

Anyone else…..?

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