Do you filter your news feed?

Thoughts and prayers with the survivors and families in Mozambique and Zimbabwe. 🙏🏼💙😥 One of the worst cyclones in many years, yet not reported as priority in BBC news until after all the rubbish UK news.


I find Brexit irritating. Don’t worry I’m not going all political on you but thank goodness for a timely 400 year old resurfacing law…….. I sometimes refuse to watch tv or news too often as I believe we are fed news mainly by parties that have their vested interests and their pockets a primary interest.

🗞🤓 Do you filter your news feed? 

I think it’s a hugely important issue, to decide what & whose opinions you allow to filter through to your mind regularly. 

I like to feel in control of my immediate surroundings to some extent and prefer to keep informed by radio news occasionally. Once in a blue moon I’ll look up the news but I think the negativity and control we give to particular UK news writers is out of balance. It distracts from real world issues we should be educated on.

Yes I mainly mean climate change 🌎🌱🌿✨✨✨ My husband regularly tells me news articles from Europe that he likes to read and it’s surprising & concerning how climate issues are not reported on very much in the UK mainstream news. Like last years 30% crop failures in Europe for starters.

We are conveniently distracted. I think it’s up to us to praise and follow Greta Thunberg and inspiring children’s examples. Unlearning what society wants us to do and thinking for ourselves doesn’t sound a bad thing to me.

Light workers unite. ✨

Conscious beings connect. ✨

Focus on the good as far as possible, when you see something broken try help fixing it.

Be the change you wish to see. ✨

Small acts all count. ✨

#news #prayers #climatechange #showlove #world #peace #sustainableliving #conscience #raiseyourvibration #consciousliving #bethechange

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