The News

I have majorly edited how much time I spend reading the news online. I actually avoid it on TV completely. The reason is this: I find the majority of news negative and often one sided.

This drives my husband nuts.
The thing is the basic truth that newspapers and TV channels are owned by people with money, shareholders, politicans even and these people are clever because they pay people to make money via stories and what sells papers. It’s never as simple as swallowing info that’s in front of you.

I decided that I want the control over what news I choose to filter into my mind and my decision is based on this: I manage anxiety & busy family life without adding to that with problems of the world.
For example Trump makes me so mad, I don’t need that.
Hypocrisy and focus on time wasting rubbish, makes me mad.
Climate crises mean I need to actively find ways to help make a difference.

My husband updates me on stuff that’s really needing immediate recognition- and on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms I use for business I generally tend to see what people are talking about so I’m not completely burying my head in the sand.

But the point is I choose.
I ask if something wastes my time, benefits my mind, builds me up or drags me down. I’m actively participating in what I feed my mind on. It’s made a big difference to my time management and how I feel each day.

In life we have to select what we eat, what we read, what we share & generally what vibe we give off. So I’ve chosen to say if it’s a negative vibe, how is it benefiting me. I choose to not carry it forward.

I choose oils for emotional positivity, food for medicinal benefit to my body, yoga & meditation for mind, body & health benefits, and now I choose what does and doesn’t go into my mind via news for the same reasons. I teach classes on positivity and positive ways to be toxin free- A lot of news I consider to be toxic.

Free your mind I say…… Choose.

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