Hi I am Karena Rathbone Ariel.

I’m a mother to two beautiful girls and I have a passion for using essential oils to balance life, to help find inner harmony, supporting the body, mind & energy systems within us.

I run regular classes, workshops, webinars and events on how to use essential oils safely for all the family, for emotional and physical wellbeing, in yoga and meditation. Since discovering doTERRA essential oils in 2016 I have been on an amazing transformation, studying essential oils and sharing these “Gifts of The Earth”.

My holistic journey has transformed me from a busy and stressed out mama to a more balanced, mindful, connected person and more aware mother to my girls. I’ve been practicing yoga & meditation since 2010 and reconnected to a spiritual path of discovery.

I’m a Certified Aromatherapist, currently a student of French Aromatherapy and special interest in Clinical Aromatherapy. I’m also Certified in the AromaTouch Technique and have wellness teams based in the UK & Europe.