Do you filter your news feed?

Thoughts and prayers with the survivors and families in Mozambique and Zimbabwe. 🙏🏼💙😥 One of the worst cyclones in many years, yet not reported as priority in BBC news until after all the rubbish UK news. I find Brexit irritating. Don’t worry I’m not going all political on you but thank goodness for a timelyContinue reading “Do you filter your news feed?”

Early Spring…. apparently

This time last year it was freezing…… actual snow and ice. Yet Monday morning I had a yoga class, outside in beautiful sunshine! I actually had to take my cardi off to keep cool and went slightly pink as I’m pale skinned! Who knew we needed sunscreen in February in the UK. It’s not quiteContinue reading “Early Spring…. apparently”

“Long post alert – Trigger warning”

Everyone’s been talking about January resolutions and people struggling to get back into routines. I’ve never really taken new year resolutions that seriously to be honest. When people talk about detox after overindulging in Christmas dinner and drinking too much alcohol, I generally think it’s better to cleanse & refresh in Spring. I feel like weContinue reading ““Long post alert – Trigger warning””

School Plays, a Touch of Nostalgia & an Appetite For Organic Chemistry

Fourteen days into December 2018- how did that happen!?! This time of year is always busy as a parent but working at the same time gives it a slightly whirling and dizzy edge! The tree is up, the cat’s delighted & slightly fiendish with it, presents…… still working on that…. (next year I am goingContinue reading “School Plays, a Touch of Nostalgia & an Appetite For Organic Chemistry”