Do you filter your news feed?

Thoughts and prayers with the survivors and families in Mozambique and Zimbabwe. 🙏🏼💙😥 One of the worst cyclones in many years, yet not reported as priority in BBC news until after all the rubbish UK news.


I find Brexit irritating. Don’t worry I’m not going all political on you but thank goodness for a timely 400 year old resurfacing law…….. I sometimes refuse to watch tv or news too often as I believe we are fed news mainly by parties that have their vested interests and their pockets a primary interest.

🗞🤓 Do you filter your news feed? 

I think it’s a hugely important issue, to decide what & whose opinions you allow to filter through to your mind regularly. 

I like to feel in control of my immediate surroundings to some extent and prefer to keep informed by radio news occasionally. Once in a blue moon I’ll look up the news but I think the negativity and control we give to particular UK news writers is out of balance. It distracts from real world issues we should be educated on.

Yes I mainly mean climate change 🌎🌱🌿✨✨✨ My husband regularly tells me news articles from Europe that he likes to read and it’s surprising & concerning how climate issues are not reported on very much in the UK mainstream news. Like last years 30% crop failures in Europe for starters.

We are conveniently distracted. I think it’s up to us to praise and follow Greta Thunberg and inspiring children’s examples. Unlearning what society wants us to do and thinking for ourselves doesn’t sound a bad thing to me.

Light workers unite. ✨

Conscious beings connect. ✨

Focus on the good as far as possible, when you see something broken try help fixing it.

Be the change you wish to see. ✨

Small acts all count. ✨

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Early Spring…. apparently

This time last year it was freezing…… actual snow and ice. Yet Monday morning I had a yoga class, outside in beautiful sunshine! I actually had to take my cardi off to keep cool and went slightly pink as I’m pale skinned! Who knew we needed sunscreen in February in the UK.

It’s not quite right though is it? Clearly the seasons being quite so altered is a signpost that really we should be taking notice of! Newspapers report record breaking temperatures but regards this being a not so positive eco note….. nothing changes…. No red alert, no sudden cry of Quick- petrol cars must be stopped, the damage has been so great, our planet has spoken.

I’m curious what it takes….. Lightening killing off Donald Trump? Earthquakes that swallow Big Ben and politicians….. Maybe divine intervention will happen or is it the irony that the universe will find ways to destroy those creating irreversible damage. I saw a post on a new fungus developed to eat plastic…. though talk about taking a tangent to avoid the actual production of something that lasts 250-500 years and releases toxins in the process….

I like to read articles on positive stuff but burying your head in the sand is not exactly what I’m talking about…..
In the meantime, I’m sharing on FB stuff on teaching my children positive things- i.e. avoiding YouTube because weirdo scary shit pops up on there, at least I can say I’ve controlled something! Anyone else trying to keep positive with their family?!

I notice even the veg delivery box (Riverford) newsletter has a touch of sarcasm about how depressing Brexit is for the UK economy each week.

Right now I’m going to go right off now to take several deep breaths of 2 oils- Wild Orange & Peppermint in case you wanted to know, 1 drop of each in the palms of my hands & rubbed together- which will help me open my airways to release some tension in my neck/chest. Nothing like taking a moment to pause, decide to reset my thinking & start afresh, without negativity creeping in. I like to do this several times when my own thinking takes a downwards spiral.

Then I’ll eat salad for lunch, consciously avoiding meat because the farming of that is damaging the environment & no one wants to talk about that either.

Anyone else…..?

“Long post alert – Trigger warning”

Everyone’s been talking about January resolutions and people struggling to get back into routines. I’ve never really taken new year resolutions that seriously to be honest.

When people talk about detox after overindulging in Christmas dinner and drinking too much alcohol, I generally think it’s better to cleanse & refresh in Spring. I feel like we have a rather huge hint from nature saying fresh growth in tune with seasons, more sunlight, that healthier more positive thought processes happen with more chances of success.

I had an unexpected prompt for reflection on Facebook when an old photo from 11 years ago pop up in my Memories. Without thinking much about it I wrote a post on where I had been, mentally and physically then, to where I’ve come to now. It was without any planning I shared it and I had an incredible amount of positive responses to it.

Here’s the image & an excerpt of what I’d written:

“Long post alert 🚨 Trigger warning ⚠️ Flashback to me in 2007…
Drunk at a party, 6 kg heavier- initially you wouldn’t know anything was up….

Experiencing regular blackouts when drinking & assumed that was not unusual, showing a false exterior of being in control, not giving a sh*t about consequences seriously didn’t consider long-term health issues and living from week to week, job to job and not having a long term focus in life.

I managed to hide my earlier depression for several years after my brother died and imagined I had kind of resolved that but hadn’t changed my lifestyle so I went back the easier option of masking feelings, stifling sadness and using alcohol to make me feel better & consciously choosing it as a crutch. Depression is a reality we often don’t want to openly admit to or speak about but now I can and am not afraid to.”

Emotions are easily concealed, we can convince ourselves it’s ok as it is. Stagnating in destructive patterns can seem like the only option but in fact, we make our reality. Our vibration we can opt to raise and change and what’s interesting is that when we listen to our intuition we know that we can adapt, life is fluid as are we.

I don’t regret my journey but self-development and kids that force me to be present have dramatically changed my thinking. My spiritual development and my work now is so rewarding, who knew that these challenges would be valuable learning experiences and understanding which can help others.

It’s a great privilege to share something that lifts people into awareness, can give you hope and validate those deep emotions. My meditation practice has become a treasured significant part of my day and now I’m teaching my children how to recognise feelings and choose oils to support all of their emotions.”


I had such a huge and positive response, I’ve been blown away. This is a person who was painfully shy as a child, I remember avoiding eye contact when young so people didn’t speak to me. I was scared of judgement and vulnerable despite a tough rebel exterior.
Years later I’m offering up painful experiences with total honesty, sharing how this is an incredible transformational journey and connecting with people through experiences I once couldn’t mention without pain, fear, hesitation or doubt.

The people I’m connecting and working with now are the right people, they are the rainbow folk. Seriously, it is one crazy journey but it’s mine. I’ll take it without self judgement, and I’ll take that higher vibration, meditation, gratitude and healthy reflection. Together we are each in our own right going to make this one hell of a great year of personal and spiritual development, business development, collective development and in doing that we will raise the vibration of this planet.

We have a planet that needs all the good vibrations we can get…….

Let’s get to work.


School Plays, a Touch of Nostalgia & an Appetite For Organic Chemistry

Fourteen days into December 2018- how did that happen!?!
This time of year is always busy as a parent but working at the same time gives it a slightly whirling and dizzy edge! The tree is up, the cat’s delighted & slightly fiendish with it, presents…… still working on that…. (next year I am going to nail the organisation!) A few years ago my working life as a PA was my entire focus, I loved it and thrived off the daily challenges, daily routine changes and the crazy pace of arranging Christmas in October, wrapping my bosses gifts and sorting out what was to be mailed where in the world, what suitcases needed to go to which country…. Yes it was stress but other peoples stress and it was their entire reality so I had to channel their priorities. I actually miss it in retrospect….. my own family are much harder to organise!

On that note of family, my youngest daughter Bowie had her first school play Tuesday and she was the Nativity donkey. She was so cute, the proudest rocking donkey you ever saw…. she’s not shy this one! She knew all the songs and danced the whole way through. Clearly destined for the stage- she won the Star Worker of the week certificate for such an enthusiastic donkey! Hilarious, so many people congratulated her on her performance & is so proud of herself (proud mum too obvs).

Workshops completed so far this week- Handmade Christmas gifts, essential oil infused bath salts, scrubs and blends- we have such a great time seeing what people are drawn to, our own sense of smell is so incredibly unique to each person and you never know what people will like in a class. Your memories are linked to smell and stored in the limbic part of the brain, I love teaching about this because it’s actual science facts that we kind of take for granted sometimes.

What’s sometimes really cool is that kids are naturally more open to their intuition in choosing oils. Quite often children will select an essential oil that their body actually needs, say a sniffly or scratchy nose and the child chooses Lavender (Lavender Augustifolia- many varieties but let’s be specific here) which is naturally soothing, calming, renowned for soothing occasional skin irritations, and loads more. It’s literally no coincidence while some adults are cynical that an essential oil can make any difference initially until they have their own light bulb moment of relief.

Lets talk about that a little. Pharmaceutical drugs mimic the plant chemical components for a specific, chosen pathology and reaction. Plants are way more intelligent than this so many times you use an essential oil compound or blend and it has numerous side benefits rather than unwanted side effects. To be clear, I am in no way anti doctors or anti medicine, there is definitely a place and need for medical treatment to be available to everyone, I believe in the UK’s NHS for all (fight to keep it going guys, don’t give up!).

However I love the fact I have studied and have understanding of the multiple diverse positive effects that essential oils can create in supporting the body before you get to that, and supporting the body through medical treatment. Its natural magic, it’s been around for thousands of years. Natural essential oil components are so complex and that energy, untainted natural energy, can be harnessed and used by our amazing bodies in a symphony of elemental and energetic balance.

I will continue studying for a long time, there’s so much to look at in Aromatherapy and it all sits so well next to holistic re-balancing of the whole individual, like TCM, acupuncture or osteopathy. When you use essential oils you have the ability to re-balance emotions as well as body systems. We want to look at balance of mind, body and spirit to be healthy.


Finding New Energy

I don’t know about you but I’ve been feeling slightly overwhelmed with Christmas, not Christmas itself but the feeling of cramming it all in before the children break up from school….. to keep on top of working from home and my orders, new customers who I want to help and keep motivated plus decorating….!

I did it to myself of course. It was my daughters 9th birthday last week and as a special treat I took her to Paris to see an art exhibition, Klimt at the Atelier des Lumieres, which just looked like a once in a lifetime experience for her now she’s old enough to remember it….. It did not disappoint- I highly recommend you visit before it finishes in mid Jan 2019!

Being a recovering perfectionist I had nervous excitement about this trip…… I think I haven’t been to Paris since I was eighteen (I’m now 37!). It was a stunning exhibition, totally immersive, beautiful projected images on the walls and floors, accompanied by classical music…. It felt like the inside of my own rusty creative brain was being projected on the outside, swimming with delicious colourful familiar yet reinvented paintings growing up from the floor. The other people around you disappear into the moving lights and it’s like a dreamscape of wonder, breathtaking and you could easily spend hours in there…..

So yesterday as I found myself worn out, digesting it all and exhausted from not only the weekend but my own thinking, I eventually turned to Lemongrass essential oil. doTERRA’s Lemongrass is grown in Southern India- a key element of why doTERRA’s oil is such great quality is that they grow all the plants where they thrive and are naturally healthy, harvested by hand, using local farmers. I found myself talking to friends about Lemongrass in the last couple of days and realised there was a clear sign – my higher self asked so why haven’t you taken your own advice and used it to cleanse your own energy?! Lemongrass incredibly versatile aside from cooking- you can use it in a diffuser, just a few drops as it’s powerful, to cleanse energy from a house or room, it helps you to flow freely moving on from despair or darkness, to be more positive and find spiritual clarity. Hence writing today- It works! I mean how cool is it to have an essential oil that can do all that in a matter of minutes….. Make up a room spray, dilute it and use it in a massage blend, add a couple drops to a diffuser and let yourself feel release.

So now I’m getting back to Christmas preparations.