Living With Grief

I often refer to essential oils for perking us up, lifting our mood & helping us manage difficult emotions. But that’s too simply put.

Traditionally in the UK we have the “stiff upper lip” phrase, culturally the English are not so open in talking about ways to cope with grief or true difficult emotions, or even showing sadness very much.

Utilizing essential oils can significantly help us cope with grief.

I’m reflecting from my own experiences. I lost my brother to cancer in 2000 when I was 19 and he was just 34. Later in 2008 my father passed away after battling dementia for many years. At the time I held a lot of anger & regret in my body & simply didn’t express my grief how I really felt it.

I drank alcohol to numb my reality, I worked in many jobs to keep myself busy and to avoid thinking about it. I made sure I had a “good time”… at least on the surface. I suffered depression in my early 20’s, I was reckless and empty in denial really up until I met my husband and had my daughters.

Grief doesn’t just disappear because it’s the energy of love that lives on within us, but it does alter & change form. It comes in waves & we can draw valuable lessons of living fully from it and one day we can eventually reflect on it.

Grief isn’t just experienced with the loss of a loved one either… It can be a loss of a job, divorce, miscarriage, trauma or loss of stability. I found essential oils have allowed me to release many tensions I carried with me for years, and I can more openly speak about & internally manage my deep emotions around grief.

Essential oils carry an incredible energy. They contain wisdom of the earth and vibration of nature which gently allow us to process, grow and move forward. I didn’t expect them to help me so much, but I’ve been amazed how effective they are time and time again. I’ve now studied and learnt about aromatherapy specifically to help with this process.

I’ve shared with you in my Facebook group some of the essential oils that can helped me accept what’s happened, process trauma and find my balance again.

If you’re interested in 1:1 emotional aromatherapy help, I’m an emotional aromatherapy advisor. There are so many essential oils that can support you in simple and effective ways. Just pop me a message if you’d like more details.

Emotional Balance in a Pandemic

Christmas has been and gone… Today we get the news that schools in our area are closed for another 2 weeks. Deep breaths for all parents!! Especially ones working from home the thought of homeschool AGAIN is a bit hard to swallow.

After the initial heart sinking feeling, realistically I really do want my girls to be home and safe rather than in the huge school they attend. It’s a huge school and while it means juggling several more tasks for 2 year groups, I’m telling myself we are still bloody fortunate I have flexible work hours.

Gratitude has been key to keeping sane through 2020, and that’s a good place to start 2021 from. So whats the plan…?? First of all I intend to take it SLOW.

We live at such a ridiclous rate, I feel we’re fed into a society that prefers us as controllable consumers so we often neglect simple but important matters- like wellbeing & nourishment for a good immune system! School sets you up with barely practical life skills and I firmly believe my 6 year old needs imaginative play more than grammer & maths. Being bored is a good thing for creativity… & that’s the angle I’m sticking to!

As for my eldest who’s 11, while she loves school her creative talents are not encouraged enough to give her confidence so we will continue with imagination/creative focus for both. No parent should be putting pressure on their own teaching abilities but we can play to our own preferences with a bit of basic school App work on the side to keep up.

We’re going to focus on building ourselves up, our immune systems with good food & attempt home cooking, daily fresh air & exercise, positivity & gratitude practice, using our favourite essential oil smells to help us manage emotions.

One homeschool subject they loved last lockdown around March time, was our Happiness class. We brainstormed what makes us happy, why sad & angry feelings are not bad but valid. They made pictures of their favourite things that make them happy. We did yoga to make our bodies feel good and to be kind to ourselves. We made a jam jar with good things written on scraps of paper that happened to remind us of good things when we need it. We listed what essential oils make us feel happier, what ones wake us up and what ones help support our digestion.

Aside from trying to not get overwhelmed… I know it’s not easy with confusing and vague government guidelines. I try NOT to read the news every day because it fuels any anxiety. What we can do for ourselves, is bring it back to our actions to help others stay well and for us to keep strong.

Let’s talk about PREVENTION being better than cure for wellbeing. No-one else seems to focus on it but it’s a HUGE part of what I work with.

I take my doTERRA Lifelong Vitality vitamins because I know they help support all the foundation of our body mechanisms- I feel good when I take them & have more energy (when I stopped I really noticed a huge difference!). I also use On Guard softgels which have an incredible blend of oils to keep me positive and boost my immune system functions. Protective emotionally & physically, I’ll take 2 of those per day but if I’m feeling a bit under the weather or low, I’ll double that and take 4 softgels.

  • Wear a mask inside public spaces to help stop vulnerable from getting sick.
  • Wash your hands, follow general guidelines for the greater good.. obvs really.
  • Edit your newsfeed, don’t dwell or overdramatise the news. Media sources are PAID to get a response from you!
  • Eat & feed your body to be its best. Try to get organic when possible, it has better nutrients.
  • Keep moving, exercise & get fresh air.
  • Supplement with food grade, pure essential oils and nutrients- and keep it up… Taking a multivitamin once isn’t sustaining your body, every day we need to treat our bodies with respect & top up with best we can.
  • Reduce toxins… I’ll write another post on that one but it is very important!
  • If there was one oil to recommend to start with I’d say choose Lemon, it has so many amazing benefits but immediately it’ll lift your spirits by smelling it and will help keep your energy flowing.

Happy New Year folks, stay safe & stay strong. With love. x

If I can help you learn about finding or regaining your emotional balance supported with using natural methods & essential oils, then send me a message in the form below 👇 or request to join my Facebook customer support group 👉 here. Either way I’m here to listen, and to support you.

2020 Christmas Survival

Who’d have thought that this year Christmas would be as it is… No one could have known the plans put in place would suddenly be scrapped due to a pandemic. But there it is and people are sorely disappointed, understandably so!

Frustration, sadness, loneliness are just a couple of things we’re digesting this Christmas, let alone the fear of illness plus it’s already a darker time of the year so it can be easy to feel really low or even miserable. We’re already in Tier 4 where we live but I’m not going to discuss the political angle, it’s too irritating.

There are some simple things we can do & focus on to lift our spirits. Fancy taking a peek? Small things can make a difference…

  1. Get out for a walk daily, no matter the weather. I know this is England and it sucks to walk in the rain but I guarantee it makes us all feel better getting some fresh air. Wear the appropriate layers/coat and do it, even if you don’t want to!
  2. Drink water – I know this is a given for any day but guess what, heating on, loads more sugar indulgances (come on let’s be honest), more alcohol etc may feel great at the time but actually increases inflammation in the body. So help your body flush it out.
  3. Add 1 single drop of doTERRA Lemon/Grapefruit/Lime essential oil to add taste to your water, they’re food grade oils & they actually lift your mood while supporting your body’s digestive & cleansing functions. Double bonus there.
  4. Give yourself a pampering treat, all lads & ladies deserve to feel good after this year: Take a bath with a mugfull of bath salts, a tablespoon of fractionated coconut oil & 3-5 drops of essential oil, swirl it in & soak for 20 mins:
    Wild Orange is lush- a happy smell, will boost your mood.
    Deep Blue oil- lovely and soothing, eucalyptus/minty blend.
    Lavender, Clary Sage, Frankincense or Geranium are all good options too.

5. Put on a diffuser with some essential oils. On Guard essential oil blend has tons of benefit plus smells typically Christmassy with Orange/Clove/Cinnamon notes, or Forest Breeze is my new obsession- calming & grounding pine tree oils ✨ Love it! Aromas are powerful, they can trigger happy memories in the brain, remind you of places and people so make use of it & cosy up your home.

6. Use Forgive Touch oil blend as a perfume which helps you keep positive, or use Cheer Touch oil blend if you prefer which helps you similarly keep optimistic. Seriously though, these oils are not to be underestimated because they gently align your energy back into harmony and allow you to feel yet not get stuck in your emotions.

7.Make something. Paper craft, keeps my kids quiet for ages, yes there’s some mess afterwards but hello thats life anyway. Anything for quiet- plus actually our paper snowflake windows and hanging paper bag stars are awesome, see below my daughters creation (she’s 11). Tons of YouTube how to videos out there.

8. Speak to & connect with people, use Facetime, video calls, messenger or whatever you’re used to. You are not alone, reach out if you need help because there are many people feeling a bit weirded out and lost without their familiar or usual connections in place. It doesn’t have to be hour long chats but break up the day by short intervals and try to keep it varied.

9. Put on some lively music and dance or shake it out! Proven good for the soul, music and movement gets your blood circulating and switches up your energy… Let it all hang out & laugh at yourself!

10. Practice gratitude daily. Write it out on scraps of paper, the things that make you smile, glad or happy. Get a clean jam-jar full of all the small things you can think of, no matter how small write it down & pop it in there. Add to it each week if you like to and next Christmas you can review everything in the pot. If you have kids, get them to join in.

If you’d like to learn more about using essential oils to help feel balance and keep emotions in check, join my Facebook group Essential Oil Hub or pop me a direct message below to discuss how to get started/choose what oils you need, tailored to you.

The News

I have majorly edited how much time I spend reading the news online. I actually avoid it on TV completely. The reason is this: I find the majority of news negative and often one sided.

This drives my husband nuts.
The thing is the basic truth that newspapers and TV channels are owned by people with money, shareholders, politicans even and these people are clever because they pay people to make money via stories and what sells papers. It’s never as simple as swallowing info that’s in front of you.

I decided that I want the control over what news I choose to filter into my mind and my decision is based on this: I manage anxiety & busy family life without adding to that with problems of the world.
For example Trump makes me so mad, I don’t need that.
Hypocrisy and focus on time wasting rubbish, makes me mad.
Climate crises mean I need to actively find ways to help make a difference.

My husband updates me on stuff that’s really needing immediate recognition- and on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms I use for business I generally tend to see what people are talking about so I’m not completely burying my head in the sand.

But the point is I choose.
I ask if something wastes my time, benefits my mind, builds me up or drags me down. I’m actively participating in what I feed my mind on. It’s made a big difference to my time management and how I feel each day.

In life we have to select what we eat, what we read, what we share & generally what vibe we give off. So I’ve chosen to say if it’s a negative vibe, how is it benefiting me. I choose to not carry it forward.

I choose oils for emotional positivity, food for medicinal benefit to my body, yoga & meditation for mind, body & health benefits, and now I choose what does and doesn’t go into my mind via news for the same reasons. I teach classes on positivity and positive ways to be toxin free- A lot of news I consider to be toxic.

Free your mind I say…… Choose.

Wellbeing at the Whitehouse

Last Thursday I joined MJ from Core Pilates With MJ in a Pop Up event:
Wellbeing at the Whitehouse in Rye, a mindful movement workshop, including essential oils and delicious food from Rosie and….. the odd cocktail!


Such a beautiful venue!

Along with us Katie McNee from Katie Can Yoga, plus my lovely friend Jess Godden from The Vegan Beauty Room salon who works alongside me in our own Toxin Free & Wellness workshops.

First up was MJ with a workout pilates session for the sixteen attendees, then Katie with a chill out yoga session using our doTERRA Balance blend essential oil to help ground & relax everyone. Jess & I then shared a brief introduction to doTERRA essential oils before sharing how to make a bespoke oil blend.
When everyone had taken in these delights  we progressed onto beautiful food from Rosie at the Whitehouse – enhanced with some of our food grade oils: Beetroot salad with a hint of Wild Orange oil, Salmon with a hint Lime oil and the most delicious Peppermint oil flavoured vegan desert treats were among the beautiful array of food, I think these were my favourites!

Such a pleasure to share these gifts of the earth and support these local businesses, I  came away that evening so feeling blessed to share many life enhancing tools with everyone! And these ladies MJ & Katie- go check them out as I promise you they will make you feel great…..